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Hello, Welcome to our Application Form; We are hiring experienced cleaners that have previously worked for a Professional Housecleaning company. Our company is hiring teams and single contractors. We require a background check on all of our contractors. All Contractors must have their own equipment and products to clean homes. We do not pay under the table and will require all contractors to sign a 1099 tax form. We pay cash jobs weekly and contract jobs twice monthly. Contractors must have their own transportation be willing to drive to jobs all over Sacramento county, be friendly and courteous to customers and other employee. If this sounds something you might be interested in fill out the information with your full anem and email address and we will begin the backround process. You will receive an email with a link to the site to fill out the needed information for the background check*

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Can you pass and are you willing to have a background check done!

Full Time? Part Time? Days you are available



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Thank you for your interest in contracting for our company.

We offer contractual employment to those whom can pass a background check, that their own equipment and supplies to fulfil the tasks required to do the job.

Cleaning your own home does not count as cleaning experience for this company we are looking for prospective employees that have worked housecleaning for a company doing multiple houses in a day!

Contracts are paid on Fridays after the contractor signs the agree to pay own taxes form.

Cleaning houses is very hard work so every prospective employee has to be physically able to do hard work.

If you are interested, please give us a call 916-475-3034

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